Local Downloads

For many papers, the last version prior to publication can be downloaded from this page in Adobe Acrobat format. (Abstracts are small text files.)

These papers are not identical to the published papers.

Many final edits and corrections were made in the galley proofs of the published papers and these improvements are not reflected in the posted versions. For several of these papers, final graphics were produced by the publishers and may not be available at all, or may differ significantly from the graphics included in the posted version.

When at all possible, the interested reader should obtain the published version of these papers.

Journal Links

Increasingly, journals offer subscribers electronic access to published papers. Here are some links to journals that contain my papers and offer services of this type. Some of my papers predate the earliest electronically available papers at these journals, but I strongly encourage interested readers to check these archives for my recent papers:

Journal of Financial Economics
Journal of Monetary Economics
Journal Storage (JSTOR)